In a time when “market-driven” and “whole animal” can be viewed as more “on trend” than substantial, you only need to look at Spruance’s formal education to trust that she can put her plates where her ideals are.
— Village Voice
What sits on the corner of 11th and Avenue B is a restaurant set with gold flatware, adorned with French salon mirrors, a sake list, and a secret garden patio tucked away at the end of a long intriguing hallway. At Kingsley, Chef and Co-owner Roxanne Spruance embodies the spirit of the Renaissance.
— Daily Globe UK
This is the moments hotspot. Everyone is trying to get into Kingsley.
— Rob Shuter
Chef Spruance and her team are rockstars
— Girls on Food
I respect a young female chef who steps up in what is traditionally a very male driven profession and kills it.
— One Hungry Jew
Chef/Owner Roxanne Spruance

Chef/Owner Roxanne Spruance

Kingsley is the new restaurant from Chef Roxanne Spruance in New York City.  Our focus is seasonal, local, market-driven, contemporary French-American cuisine.  The menu, cocktail program, and wine list are dynamic and unique, to complement the atmosphere.  All dishes have interesting juxtaposition of flavors and textures, while still being balanced and reminiscent of classic dishes and tastes.  The goal is delicious, inspired, and creative food and drink.

We pride ourselves on our partnerships with local farms and producers.  Our ingredient driven menu is based on what we receive from our farmers.

We believe in the full cycle of our food system, and with that we are extremely conscious about food waste.

 We have a whole animal program that is truly nose to tail and fully utilize our food scraps.

We are proud to say that we are a 100% landfill free restaurant.

We look forward to seeing you soon!