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Chef Roxanne Spruance

Chef Roxanne Spruance creates innovative, seasonal food, while respecting and incorporating regional traditions.  Roxanne entered the culinary world as a pastry chef apprentice in the highly regarded restaurant Blackbird in downtown Chicago.  Working her way up in the Chicago restaurant industry, Roxanne gained valuable knowledge and experience in all aspects of the kitchen. During her tenure in Chicago, she was fortunate enough to work under chefs Koran Greiveson, Elissa Narrow, Shawn McClain, Dale Levitski, and Christian Delouvrier.  

Roxanne was recruited to play field hockey at Michigan State University after high school.  During her time at MSU, she received two degrees, a B.S. in Environmental Biology/Zoology and a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife.  She continued to cook in Chicago throughout college.  In 2010, Roxanne landed a coveted spot as Chef de Partie under world-renowned Chef Wylie Dufresne at NYC’s WD~50, where she took full advantage of the opportunity to absorb invaluable modern techniques into her repertoire and to explore and experiment with flavor profiles and menu creation. Her tenure at WD~50 was followed by a Sous Chef position at Blue Hill at Stone Barns under the guidance of Dan Barber, where the daily exposure to fresh and local ingredients reinforced her passion to continue to support that cause in her cooking today. She followed Blue Hill by consulting and opening New York’s Cafe Tallulah.  Roxanne joined Alison Eighteen as Executive Chef in April 2013.  It was here that she began to be known for her creative use of local ingredients and whole animal butchery while utilizing a wide range of techniques.  She received the coveted “Snail of Approval” certification awarded by Slow Food New York for chefs who have sustainably driven kitchens.  Believing that the best food comes from fresh, seasonal products, Roxanne is passionate about purchasing from local farmers.  

Chef Spruance has been a featured chef at events such as Taste of the Times, Taste of New York Magazine, and the New York Wine and Food Festival.

In February 2013, Chef Spruance won “Chopped” on the Food Network.  Her episode featured bacon as a main ingredient and showcased her skills and depth of techniques under pressure.

Growing up an athlete in Chicago, Chef Roxanne has taken her fearless, winning attitude towards sports and translated it into a fearless attitude towards food. She’s unafraid to experiment with different genres and ingredients and believes in creating a culinary product that is stimulating while never losing respect for the product.  Chef Spruance is thrilled to bring this vision and passion to her guests through Kingsley.


Farm Partners

Two Guys From Woodbridge — hydroponic micro greens

Cherry Lane Farms — heirloom tomatoes, vegetables, berries

Paffenroth Gardens — vegetables

Eckerton Farms — heirloom tomatoes and peppers

Lani's Farm — greens, vegetables

Willow Wisp Farm — greens, vegetables, flowers

Migliorelli — vegetables, orchard fruits

Locust Grove — orchard fruits

Andrew's Local Honey — NYC Rooftop Honey & Bee Products

Phillips Farm — berries

Windfall Farms — greens

J. Durr — Flowers


What people are saying

“In A Time When “Market-Driven” And “Whole Animal” Can Be Viewed As More “On Trend” Than Substantial, You Only Need To Look At Spruance’s Formal Education To Trust That She Can Put Her Plates Where Her Ideals Are.”  — Village Voice
“What Sits On The Corner Of 11th And Avenue B Is A Restaurant Set With Gold Flatware, Adorned With French Salon Mirrors, A Sake List, And A Secret Garden Patio Tucked Away At The End Of A Long Intriguing Hallway. At Kingsley, Chef And Co-Owner Roxanne Spruance Embodies The Spirit Of The Renaissance.”  — Daily Globe UK
“This Is The Moments Hotspot. Everyone Is Trying To Get Into Kingsley.”  — Rob Shuter
“Chef Spruance And Her Team Are Rockstars”  — Girls On Food
“I Respect A Young Female Chef Who Steps Up In What Is Traditionally A Very Male Driven Profession And Kills It.”  — One Hungry Jew