Drs. John Athas and Monica Tadros— Co-Owners


A radiologist specializing in brain imaging by day and Manhattan foodie by night, Dr. John Athas grew up in the restaurant scene. His latest endeavor has been relinquishing a convivial dining environment for patrons, who enjoy Chef Roxanne’s “fresh and elegant dishes that are never boring.”

John’s medical specialty involves spending much of the day in a darkened room analyzing images and communicating his diagnoses to doctors electronically. After hours, he heartily enjoys going to dinner with his surgeon wife, Monica in the evening to savor delicious food and connect with friends. “I love my job but I also love talking with people and this way I get to do both, “ he says. “Dining experiences are where precious memories are made, and with a partner like Chef Roxanne you can count on that,” she says. 

Yes, John’s heritage is Greek; the family name is Athanasakos and the family business was indeed restaurants—but for the record, no Greek diners. John’s dad, Michael, worked as an engineer in Baltimore before running a series of the city’s premiere supper clubs. In the sixties and seventies the business, Michael’s Club Venus, showcased the real Jersey Boys, The Four Seasons, Marvin Gaye and Frank Sinatra Jr. in the setting of a fine dining experience.  John’s mother, Soula, served as the hostess, making regulars feel like extended family.  If there was a wedding, my brother and I knew we would be working that weekend and eating prime rib and Black Forest cake that night,” John recalls. John pitched in as a busboy - cleaning tables, peeling shrimp and stocking the bar. “It was always about the restaurant and making people feel welcome. Conversation was about the restaurant, my parents were always at the restaurant, dinner came from the restaurant, and so did a good work ethic, commitment to excellence and a sense of pride.” 

Sitting at the gray concrete bar at Kingsley, John and Monica return their focus to the present: “Amongst a landscape of many fine dining experiences in Manhattan, Kingsley’s inspiration is all heart: years of devotion and talent in the making, hospitality, your home and ours.”